State of Illinois Voting Requirements


U.S. Domestic Voters

Federal and State Elections

Illinois State Primary Election held on Tue Jun 28, 2022



New Voter Registration

  • Wed Jun 1, 2022
  • Grace Period starts Thu Jun 2, 2022
  • Online by Sun Jun 12, 2022
  • Grace Period ends Tue Jun 28, 2022

Absentee Ballot Request

  • Thu Jun 23, 2022
  • Online by Thu Jun 23, 2022
  • Postmarked by Thu Jun 23, 2022
  • Post received by Thu Jun 23, 2022
  • In-Person Request by Mon Jun 27, 2022

Absentee Ballot Return

  • Tue Jun 28, 2022
  • Postmarked by Tue Jun 28, 2022
  • Post received by Tue Jul 12, 2022

Early Voting

  • At Election Authority Office as of Thu May 19, 2022
  • At Permanent Polling Places as of Mon Jun 13, 2022
- Early Voting ends Mon Jun 27, 2022


You can register to vote or update your registration information:

  • online
  • by mail
  • in person at your elections office
  • on Election Day - contact your local elections office to confirm locations where same day registration is available in your area

You must have resided in your precinct at least 30 days prior to the election in which you intend to vote.

Online registration is available until 16 days before the Election. Mail-in registration must be received 27 days before the Election.

Election Day Voting

Polling places are open from 6am until 7pm on Election Day.

Find my polling place

Early Voting

A registered voter may cast a ballot prior to Election Day at the office of the election authority or at an Early Voting Center. Contact your election office to inquire about early voting options in your area for specific elections.

Absentee Voting

Any registered voter may request an absentee ballot and vote by mail. You may now sign up to permanently vote by mail rather than request a ballot each election.

You are eligible to vote in Illinois if you:

  • Are a U.S citizen
  • Are a resident of Illinois
  • Are at least 18 years old by Election Day
*You can vote vote in a Primary Election at the age of 17, if you will be 18 by the time of the General Election.

Student Eligibility

If you are a student, you are eligible to vote in Illinois if:

  • You reside in Illinois but are attending college in another state
  • You reside in another state but attend college in Illinois

Voter Registration

To register to vote in Illinois you should provide:

  • Last Four Digits of your Social Security Number
  • Your Illinois Driver's License or State/non-driver ID Number

If you do not have any of these IDs, you can provide a copy of one of the following with your registration application:

  • Current and Valid Photo ID
  • Government Issued Document that shows your current name and address
  • Utility Bill
  • Government Check
  • Bank Statement
  • Paycheck that Shows your Current Name and Address
  • Valid Student ID and Mail Addressed to your Residence

You can alternatively provide one of these documents when you vote to complete your registration.

Two forms of identification with at least one showing your current residence address are needed when you register in-person.

Voting In-Person

If you registered to vote in Illinois, you may be required to present valid ID if you are voting for the first time or your registration is incomplete. You can use any ID from this list:

  • Paycheck that shows your Current Name and Address
  • Current and Valid Photo ID
  • Utility Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • Valid Student ID and Mail Addressed to your Residence
  • Government Check
  • Government Issued Document that shows your Current Name and Address

Domestic Voter

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